The purpose of Personal Yoga practice is 


Viniyoga. From the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali meaning 'skilful application based on the situation'. Not a style of Yoga but rather an approach which gives teachers a wealth of tools to use appropriately to suit the context. Patanjali and other great masters recognised the differences in people and even the same person as their life develops and changes. It is not that "I must conform to the Yoga practice", but rather   "The Yoga practice must be tailor made for me".   adapted from The Viniyoga of Yoga. TKV Desikachar



I have been teaching Yoga for many years. 

In the old days when Yoga was new on the block, it was large classes. Then as I discovered Viniyoga and the art of personal practice I began teaching groups of no more than six. These days I just teach individuals. I feel this is where people can make the most significant progress and I enjoy 

empowering people to take charge of their own wellbeing.


As well as a Yoga and Ayurveda practitioner, I am a freelance artist and animal lover. I live with my husband Steve and 12 year old daughter Edith in glorious Herefordshire. I love the mountains and enjoy nothing better than a day out in the hills with my Border Collie, Yoli.

I cannot imagine my life without a daily Yoga practice. Over the years, it has been transformational. It can be for you too.



Jill Bonner.

Dip. Yoga Therapy. 

Dip. Ayurveda Therapy

"Yoga is completely even-handed. It employs all the aspects of who you are to take you to your ultimate destination".

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