The hallmarks of this approach




The spine


The mind

This teaching approach is both authentic and person centred, enabling students to progress at their own pace, within an 

intelligent framework. We work intensively with selected postures in challenging and innovative ways to explore the relationship between mind, body and breath.

The journey is just as important as the destination. Working dynamically (moving in and out of postures several times), can help change old habits for new and better ones. As well as 

improving strength and flexibility, movements will become slower and smoother over time.


We emphasise precise use of the breath as a powerful tool to 

influence physical and mental wellbeing. Each movement is done on either as inhale or an exhale, with the aim to develop breath length and subtly. Between posture and when resting, the breath is observed in order to contain the mind.


Our priority is to have a healthy spine. In order to achieve this, we adapt postures whenever necessary to bring the spine into play. Softening knees in a forward bend and bending the elbows a little when raising the arms for instance, really encourages the spine to move and lengthen. 

Within a personalised Yoga Therapy session, practices are wholly bespoke. In a group setting the needs of the individual can be met by adapting postures to suit. There are few 'props' in this approach though something as simple as a chair can be a great aid when working with a stiff or vulnerable back.

The mind constantly seeks stimulation and is easily distracted. Often in daily life, our body can be doing one thing whilst the mind does something else. A Yoga practice is a moving 

meditation. Linking breath and movement requires conscious effort and discipline, so encouraging the mind into the present.

“Ultimately our experience of the Asana (posture) is refined through the mystery of the breath, rather than the mastery of the form.”  Paul Harvey


Jill Bonner.

Dip. Yoga Therapy. 

Dip. Ayurveda Therapy

"Yoga is completely even-handed. It employs all the aspects of who you are to take you to your ultimate destination".

SADHGURU. Inner Engineering - A Yogi's guide to joy