My Approach

Do you dream of having a daily wellness practice that has been tailored to suit your needs? A Bespoke Yoga practice that changes as you progress and whose purpose is transformation? I can help you.

When you first come to see me, I will gather all the information I need to craft an initial practice that is just right for you. My ambition is to design Yoga that will fit comfortably into your daily routine. It will need to reflect your current physical ability as well as being challenging and rewarding enough to support your daily commitment to practice. You can go to the consultations page to see a more detailed description of the path we will follow.

You might be coming to me with an injury or condition, for general health and fitness or maybe for a daily meditative practice.  Whatever your need, a bespoke daily Yoga practice can gently but firmly change old patterns of movement and thought into new and better ones. 

I am a qualified Ayurveda Therapist so in addition to Yoga practice, we can address digestive and lifestyle issues if they 

manifest within our work together. Yoga and Ayurveda are

sister disciplines and complement each other perfectly if you are looking to achieve a life of health, happiness and contentment.

Of course if you are particularly interested in Ayurveda, we can take that route from the start with an Ayurvedic Diagnosis. A Yoga practice may then come in somewhere along the way, but we will initially work with food and general lifestyle issues.

Practicing Yoga requires us to turn inwards, to get in touch with the body's natural intelligence ... with who we really are. If you think you would like to begin this journey of self discovery, you can call for an informal chat with no obligation. I very much look forward to hearing from you.




Jill Bonner.

Dip. Yoga Therapy. 

Dip. Ayurveda Therapy

"Yoga is completely even-handed. It employs all the aspects of who you are to take you to your ultimate destination".

SADHGURU. Inner Engineering - A Yogi's guide to joy