Come and see me in my purpose built studio in a beautiful leafy Herefordshire village


In the Viniyoga tradition, the relationship between student and teacher has always been considered fundamental, with individual teaching of yoga the key to success. Personal yoga is concerned with developing and sustaining a regular home practice, with the opportunity for direct feedback in order to move the practice on at just the right pace.


Getting you started ...

In this initial consultation, we will discuss your personal history and any current health and lifestyle issues. I will guide you through some movements to find out what I need in order to design your initial yoga practice. You will go away from this session with a simple moving meditation to introduce you to the art of linking breath and movement and to the discipline of daily practice. We meet again in 2 weeks.

A session tailor made for you ...

In this consultation, I will teach you the 20 - 30 minute Yoga practice that I have designed especially for you and ensure that it really works for you. You will leave with a user-friendly practice sheet to reinforce the work we have done together. We meet again in 2 weeks. 

Fine tuning ...

In this session, we revisit and review your practice. I wouldn’t expect to see you again for another 6 - 8 weeks unless you feel you require further support and guidance.


As we continue to work together your Yoga practice will develop and evolve according to your changing needs.


A consultation with me costs £50 for up to 1 1/2 hours. I have found this is generally the amount of time needed to fully address your practice at an

enjoyable and relaxed pace.

"It is possible to achieve profound results with even the simplest of postures, skilfully chosen and practiced with awareness".


Jill Bonner.

Dip. Yoga Therapy. 

Dip. Ayurveda Therapy

"Yoga is completely even-handed. It employs all the aspects of who you are to take you to your ultimate destination".

SADHGURU. Inner Engineering - A Yogi's guide to joy