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New Year's resolution ... to add a healthy new habit each month.

New Year's resolutions of the 'giving up' kind can be tough on body and mind. Trying not to eat, drink or do something that has been a comforting or enjoyable part of daily life for some time, can be unbearable ... and who wants that at the moment?

Ayurveda suggests that abrupt changes to our daily routine can actually be bad for us. The body is simply not ready for such a big change and the mind, depending on our dominant Ayurvedic constitution, will have a very big part to play in how successful we will be. The PITTA type is inclined to take on many changes and do very well for a time but then burn themselves out in the long run. The VATA type will have problems sticking to a plan of action as they can struggle to ground themselves. The KAPHA type is almost too grounded and instinctively resists stepping out of their comfort zone. No wonder New Year's resolutions often fall by the wayside in a very short time leaving us feeling worse than ever.

So what to do if you want to make positive changes this new year? My suggestion is that each month you simply ADD something small and yet highly effective to your day.

For January then, make your first drink of the day a mug of warm water. You can spice it up with a squirt of lime and a sprinkle of turmeric if water is too bland for you (and that will help with the detox and the break-fast). But plain water, warm not hot, is just a fantastic start to the day. Sip it slowly. Continue to drink what you normally do for the rest of the day. With this one addition, your body will start to thank you.

I will post something else for February and beyond so that by the end of the year you will have added many health giving things to your life. Chances are, the things that you wanted to give up may naturally fall by the wayside without any discomfort. xxx

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